Write for Us: Expat & Property Abroad Guest Post Submission

If you want to grow your content’s reach and at the same time get SEO advantages, publishing a guest post is a good way to achieve both. At British Second Life we offer a guest posting opportunity for bloggers and companies involved with moving overseas, buying foreign real estate, looking for vacation lets or overseas services, etc.

We’re keen to publish contributed content that offers interesting information to our readers, an audience often in search of buying or renting a property abroad (usually for retirement) or visiting a country with a view to eventually settle there.

Guest Post Instructions

Make sure your post has a catchy title to grab a reader’s attention. The number of words in the content does not matter too much, however, we are more likely to publish posts that have at least 500 words. having said that, please don’t add filler or fluff to boost your word count, Assume the reader is busy, and get to the point of the post quickly before they lose interest!

All guest articles submitted to British Second Life must not be currently published online elsewhere.

Where possible, try to add photos to your posts, preferably that you have taken yourself. Please make sure you a license to use an image before submitting it. British Second Life will assume you do, and will not be held liable for any copyright infringements.

We reserve the right to proofread your post and make any edits we feel improve readability or clarity. However, any posts with numerous grammar or spelling errors will be rejected, so please check all work for mistakes before you submit an article.

You may link to a personal blog or social media profile in your guest post. If you are a company, please use our  Sponsored Posts option.

Note: We do not pay for guest posts


If you’re a company or you represent a brand or company and are looking for opportunities to showcase your services or gain a link to your website, your post comes under our sponsored post criteria. For this, we charge an admin fee to cover our time.

The cost is $30 per post. If you want to publish several posts, please contact us for bulk pricing.


To save time, we request you do not contact us to ask if we accept guest posts, because the answer is “Yes.” Please attach your post(s) to an email and send to info@britishsecondlife.co.uk, and we will contact you with payment details in the event the post falls under our sponsored post criteria.