Working In Spain – Are There Jobs For Foreigners In 2019?

Many people wait until they are retired and have the security of a pension as a means to live on, but not everyone wants to wait that long and will need to make a living when they arrive in Spain. Finding decent work in Spain is not always, easy especially outside the main cities since unemployment rates are quite high. If you are a member of any European country, then you automatically fit to live and work in Spain.

However, if not, getting a residence card can be time-consuming and frustrating. Non-Europeans expected to have their cards signed by the Spanish Ministry of Labor.

With that in mind, there are various job openings in Spain;

Seasonal jobs

There are multiple chances to work in major tourist resorts. This is usually from the beginning May until the end of September. These jobs mainly consist of work in the hotel and catering industry. Plenty of casual bar opportunities are also available in English run bars.

Working in Spain bars is poorly paid buy you can increase your wages with tips. The advantage is that is simple to get such kinds of jobs even if you don’t speak in Spanish.

Tour Reps and Couriers

If you are fluent in Spanish, then you can secure a seasonal job as a courier, tour guide or sports instructors. All you require to do is approach big holiday companies and get to see what they have to available.

Teaching jobs

Multiple schools are sprouting all over Spain and present excellent working opportunities for native English speakers. However, some formal capacities are required for such jobs. These comprise TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign language).

To obtain such a certificate, you need to pay approximately 1,000 Euros and attend a one-month intensive training course. This certificate will aid you to work not only in Spain but also in other places in the world.

Foreign language schools are managed competently, and the wages are reasonable. They even provide accommodation services for teachers too.

Private Tuition jobs

There is a tremendous need for private English tutors in Spain. Teachers can secure vacancies at local language academies to supplement their income.

Au Pair jobs

Individuals of both genders between the ages of 18 and 30 years qualify for Au Pair jobs. The Au Pair system gives young people an excellent opportunity to travel, and increase their education by working and living in Andalucia.

However, the principal aim of the au pair system is to grant young people the chance to learn a foreign language in a typical family atmosphere. Au pairs are mostly contracted to work for a duration of 6 months and one year.

Various families require the services of an au pair from September to June. The excellent time to seek an au pair job is therefore at the beginning of September which is the beginning of the school year.

Construction jobs

Various parts of Spain have experienced a building boom in recent years. The construction industry engages several foreign nationals. However, to work in the construction sectors, you require a basic understanding of the Spanish language. This is because Spanish citizens run most of the companies.

Self –employment

The excellent way to make a living in Spain is through running your own business. However, you require some legal documents such as tax declarations and opening licenses to start.

Illegal employment

Illegal employment also flourishes in the country. Numerous illegal employers use unscrupulous labor to evade enormous social security contributions. They also do this to get affordable labor for long hours.

Hefty fines are usually imposed when offenders are found; this includes both the employer and the employees.