Top 3 Popular Resorts For Expats In Spain

Spain has some of the best resorts in the world. If you are planning to move to Spain as an expat, you should find a resort that has all the facilities you need. Spain is known for its beautiful coastline and sunshine throughout the year. The country has beautiful cities and beaches, and one can be lost for choice on the one to settle in. Below are Top 3 Popular Resorts for Expats In Spain.

  1. Fuengirola, Costa del Sol

Fuengirola tops our list for the best resorts for expats in Spain. It is located about 25 minutes or 10 miles from Malaga Airport. It is a coastal town with various amenities for your comfort. The resort offers a variety of restaurants to choose, bars and boutique shops. The beach is 5 miles long and has all types of modern boat to help you enjoy the breeze in the water.

The climate of the resort is very conducive as it is not too hot compared to other places. It is located at the foothills of a mount call Sierra de Mijas. The cost of this resort is affordable considering the facilities that you will enjoy as an expat.

  1. Mijas Costa

Mijas is located on the hillsides of the mountain. It consists of famous traditional white villages. The houses are all whitewashed perched up on the mountain. The Mijas Costa is a modern resort located around 17 miles from the Malaga Airport. The resort is clean and has beautiful sandy beaches.

There are several activities that you can engage while in the Mijas Costa Resort. They include diving, sailing and windsurfing in the bays. The resort offers local tasty foods such as fish. If you are a golfer, the resort has many world-class golf clubs that you can join when you are not at work. The price for this resort is average compared to other results in the country.

  1. Finca Cortsesin

The resort is located in southern Spain between Marbella and Sotogrande. The resort has won many awards in the country as being one of the best resorts. It consists of a modern luxury hotel, spa and golf destination. The resort has a 67 suite hotel surrounded by beautiful gardens, swimming pools, sauna and golf course. From the resort, you can get a variety of traditional cuisines including the traditional Spanish foods. For expats who want to visit the resort, they can get either book through their websites or by calling. The costs are quite high considering the facilities and services offered at the resort.

When travelling to Spain as an expat, you should make the most of your stay there by exploring the beautiful country. Spain has a lot to offer to their visitors such as the beaches, resorts, food and weather. Once you locate any of the above resorts, you will enjoy your time in Spain. Make sure that you carry the right clothing by researching the current weather conditions in Spain. You should also have a budget since the resorts vary in prices.