Tips on Costa Blanca Relocation

The Costa Blanca is an awesome place to live in with an amazing lifestyle throughout the year. Relocating to the Costa Blanca is a perfect decision, but at first you might feel frustrated by the fact this is a huge area and thus you must choose your place of residence from its different towns. It’s no doubt this is an important decision you must make and one that you want to get perfectly right. If you are looking to relocate to the Costa Blanca, here are few tips to help you make the right decisions.

Note the differences between Southern and Northern Costa Blanca

The first thing you need to understand is that northern Costa Blanca is different from Southern Costa Blanca. And these are not just little differences as it extends to cultural variations between the two regions. The south has a hot climate and its terrain includes flat lands with excellent sandy beaches, so if you are in for the beach life you should consider residing in the south.

When you look north, the terrain is different and is made up of mountains and a lot of vegetation. Going past Benidorm, you will see the beautiful green landscape. Many people working near the Costa Blanca or in the region prefer living in the north due to the serenity. They only catch up with events on the south occasionally.

Transportation and access to amenities

Despite being the most preferred place of residence, the North is located furthest from airports. Life here is also more expensive, so if you are just looking for a gateway or a second home, just consider the southern Costa Blanca. The south is built up and has many restaurants and bars that are located at a walking distance. Someone looking for an amazing partying experience will find the bars fulfilling, so if you are the kind that enjoys such events it would be advisable to consider living in the south.

Age consideration and career

As pointed earlier, the Costa Blanca is made up of different communities. Those just starting their careers will find the southern side accommodating, especially near the towns. However, if you are retired, it is advisable you consider communities with expats, unless of course you are perfect in Spanish. The south has big expat populations especially in Torrevieja and nearby towns. Essentially, you will find few Spanish and English is the most widely spoken language, which is ideal for expats who are not very familiar with Spanish.

Rent first

Before you buy, it would be advisable to try first to know if that is the place you would want to live. You get to learn many things about the place and understand if that is what befits your expectations. Many people go straight into buying before they have understood anything about an area, and this often ends with regrets. For properties available in the preferred North, visit

The worst you could do while relocating to the Costa Blanca is to rush the relocation as you would not likely make the right decision. Study more about the region to decide which area within the Costa Blanca best suits your expectations.