5 Amazing Facts You Probably Did Not Know On Javea On The Costa Blanca

Xabia or Javea is a small coastal town offering a cool holiday atmosphere. Javea is located in Comarca of Marina Alta, in the province of Alicante, Valencia, Spain by the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated between La Nao and the San Antonio points and enjoys the shelter of Mount Montgo. The residents are welcoming and friendly. The seaside resort and market town have become very popular over the years. Half of the residents and over two-thirds of annual visitors are foreigners. Properties are in demand and you can find quite a few for sale. Locally advertised as “ chalets en venta” .

Cheap ticket prices are available from a variety of airports with prices ranging from 18-25 euros, for tourists from the UK. Below are some of the amazing highlights of Javea.

History and culture

If you are looking for an amazing and educative holiday, then Javea is ideal for you. Javea is rich in history, and it is evident in its architecture. San Bartolome church is an example of ancient gothic architecture.‘Soler Blasco’ museum offers a plethora of information about Iberian history.

Visitors can also enjoy architecture from the view of Tosca stones porticoes, gothic bay windows, balcony railings, and wrought iron window bars. Beaches A holiday in Javea Costa Blanca means basking by the sea while enjoying a cool atmosphere around the ocean. The Arenal area has palm trees around it and plays areas for children. The seafront has several bays each with a sandy beach. A number of bars and restaurants that offer all kinds of specialties surround the bays.


If you are a sports person and you want to tour a place that offers sporting activities, then consider a holiday in Javea. Javea has excellent facilities for fishing and sea sport. Tourists can enjoy all types of sea sport including; sailing, scuba, diving, water skiing, windsurfing, and fishing. Also, there are a number of sports clubs where you can enroll and enjoy horse-riding and tennis.


The cuisine in the Costa Blanca contains delicacies from land and the Mediterranean Sea. The Costa Blanca is rich in fish, vegetables, olive oil, rice, and fruits, which are used to prepare delicious and healthy dishes. You will also enjoy the local selection of wine. Shopping And Market Javea is covered with an indoor market that sells local products. Tourists can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and fresh fish. Javea is also a great place to go shopping. There are many shops and boutiques. In summary, Javea is an amazing holiday destination. The article provides many highlights that tourists can expect.